Lilly Bellissima

I have flown into Milan on the 09:15 from Heathrow. The world famous fashion designer Vivienne Levandi has arranged for me to have a consultation with her friend Maria Fibonacci. Maria is known as the Queen of Silicon. This is going to be quite an experience - I don’t think I will ever have done … Continue reading Lilly Bellissima


Lilly on the Spot: A Masked Ball

Lilly has been put on the spot again, this time by Vogue Magazine. She has 60 seconds to answer a question for their back-page ‘Fashion Focus‘ feature. Vogue: “Lilly, Janice from the Shetland Islands has written in to ask what you would wear to a masked ball.” Lilly: “A mask? No, just kidding, Janice from … Continue reading Lilly on the Spot: A Masked Ball