Can’t Get You Out Of My Dress!

My postman Dave has a part-time job as a security guard. He needs the money but there are occasional perks too. One Saturday morning, he rings the doorbell and presents me with two backstage passes for the Kylie Minogue concert at Wembley Arena! “Dave, that’s amazing!” I cry, beside myself with excitement. As a cross-dresser, … Continue reading Can’t Get You Out Of My Dress!


The Lie-in, the Switch and the Walk-in Wardrobe

I am super excited! Hello Magazine wants to feature me in their ‘Celebrities and their Walk-in-Wardrobes’ column. They are sending around Peter and Edmund, their top reporter and photographer, on Sunday morning. When I tell Ginny, she’s dead impressed but a little concerned too. “Blimey!” she says “That doesn’t give you much time. You’re going … Continue reading The Lie-in, the Switch and the Walk-in Wardrobe

The Power of Movement

How the seasons fly by! It’s already summer, and time for me to see what wonderful creation world-famous fashion designer Vivienne Levandi  has conjured up for me. I catch up with her in Paris, the city of haute couture.  I am just approaching her apartment on the Rue Saint Michelle when I notice a figure … Continue reading The Power of Movement

The New Face

One by one, the women file into the Meeting Room, waving their invitations. “Lee invites you to a special evening event to celebrate” it says. “Celebrate what?” Everyone wonders. “How mysterious!” They are amazed at how the room has changed – a low stage has been set up in the centre with rows of seats … Continue reading The New Face

Lilly on the Spot: a Society Wedding

This time, it’s the turn of Marie Claire Magazine to put me on the spot with a one-question, sixty-second fashion interview. Ingrid, their Senior Fashion Editor, rings me up when I’m putting out the recycling and I take the call in the street, much to the amusement of my neighbour Pete who is washing his … Continue reading Lilly on the Spot: a Society Wedding

Lilly Takes the Plunge

A continuation of ‘Lilly Bellissima' (24 May). Lilly has just been fitted with her first pair of fake boobs... I return from Milan a happier man and an even happier woman. As soon as the ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ light goes off I am on the phone to Ginny. 'Ginny, you've simply got to see them!' … Continue reading Lilly Takes the Plunge

In space, no one can hear you squeal

As a man I find feminine vulnerability very attractive but as a woman I find female strength irresistible! This could be in my nature, but it's probably because, in 1979, at the tender age of fourteen, I saw Sigourney Weaver in Alien. Oh my goodness, Ripley! You where a shining beacon in my adolescent years! … Continue reading In space, no one can hear you squeal