Lilly Takes the Plunge

A continuation of ‘Lilly Bellissima' (24 May). Lilly has just been fitted with her first pair of fake boobs... I return from Milan a happier man and an even happier woman. As soon as the ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ light goes off I am on the phone to Ginny. 'Ginny, you've simply got to see them!' … Continue reading Lilly Takes the Plunge


​Christmas Special

I have been invited to a Christmas afternoon tea dance up at the Abbey, and so has my friend Ginnny. I must say it is most gratifying to be finally recognised as a person of quality. Ginny is not so sure. She thinks the Crawleys are a bunch of toffs and she only agrees to come … Continue reading ​Christmas Special

In space, no one can hear you squeal

As a man I find feminine vulnerability very attractive but as a woman I find female strength irresistible! This could be in my nature, but it's probably because, in 1979, at the tender age of fourteen, I saw Sigourney Weaver in Alien. Oh my goodness, Ripley! You where a shining beacon in my adolescent years! … Continue reading In space, no one can hear you squeal