Lilly on the Spot: A Masked Ball

Lilly has been put on the spot again, this time by Vogue Magazine. She has 60 seconds to answer a question for their back-page ‘Fashion Focus‘ feature. Vogue: “Lilly, Janice from the Shetland Islands has written in to ask what you would wear to a masked ball.” Lilly: “A mask? No, just kidding, Janice from … Continue reading Lilly on the Spot: A Masked Ball


Lillies in Spring

I have commissioned the world famous fashion designer Vivienne Levandi to design me a whole series of costumes for the coming year. I have flown over to New York and I catch up with her in her Greenwich Village studio to see what she has managed to pull off, and to interview her for Lilly's … Continue reading Lillies in Spring

Wondrous Walk-in Wardrobes!

​Once I have figured out how to monetize this blog I am going to invest the proceeds and start a business building actual walk-in wardrobes. Because that is my real passion in life. The walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate 'My Space'. Every girl needs one. A place to relax, to be yourself. Somewhere to keep … Continue reading Wondrous Walk-in Wardrobes!

I’m a crossdresser,  get me out of here!

Scene: A charity clothing shop somewhere in London. The phone rings... Phyllis: Good morning! Poorly Paws charity shop. How can I help you? Me: Is that Phyllis? Phyllis: Yes, that's right. This is Phyllis. To whom am I speaking? Me. Phyllis, it's Lee. Phyllis: Who? Me. It's Lee  Phyllis: I don't think I know a … Continue reading I’m a crossdresser,  get me out of here!